The New Standard in Spill Recovery

Safety Vac

Safety-Vac vs. Absorbents

At Safety-Vac, our products are superior, both in effectiveness and cost, to traditional absorbents when cleaning up a hazmat spill. Check out the cost comparisons below:

Absorbent costs, 55 gallon spill:

  • Requires NO absorbents

  • Recovers and contains liquid spills; dry to the touch with one pass

  • Reduces man power response and recovery time by 50%

  • Recovered liquid materials may be recycled onsite

  • Offsite liquid recycle or disposal (fuels) = $100.00

  • Your savings = $2,040.00

Our product, 55 gallon spill:

More effective hazmat spill cleanup alternative than traditional absorbents. Save both time and money!

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  • (28) 50 lb bags of particle absorbent at $5.00 per bag = $140.00

  • Generates (4) 55 gallon drums of disposable waste at $500 per drum = $2,000.00

  • Absorbent spill recovery and disposal cost (excluding labor) = $2,140.00

Reduce Hazmat Costs Today: