The New Standard in Spill Recovery

Safety Vac

Spill Recovery Solutions

Spill recovery using absorbents is labor intensive, quadruples hazmat volume and contaminates landfills. Old fashioned absorbent spill recovery is a thing of the past with Safety-Vac and our products!

  • Lowers hazmat compliance costs

  • Cuts disposal waste by 75%

  • Facilitates recycling

  • Reduces your non-compliance risk

  • Reduces production downtime and labor costs

  • Eliminate absorbents

Benefits of Safety-Vac technology:

  • Flammables and combustibles

  • Corrosives

  • Viscous materials

  • Biohazards

Spill recovery of:

Reduce hazmat disposal waste and costs! Our products eliminate absorbents and facilitate recycling.


Reduce Hazmat Costs Today: